Welcome to Katydid Preschool!

Preschoolers are just bursting with energy and curiosity as they start their formal training and explore many new friendships.

My goal is to get your preschoolers ready for Kindergarten. From my experience teaching in the public schools, I know what the teachers will expect of them and I will give them the tools they need to be confident and successful in their schooling experience.

My program uses the beginning building blocks of all 5 foundations for reading; phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

Beginning reading focused: We start with sorts. Each letter has a bunch of pictures to go with it that broadens their vocabulary and also helps them recognize the sounds in words they know. They write their name everyday with a stencil I make, and everything is secured in a homework folder that comes back and forth to school for practice.

Math: We learn to write numbers one through twenty, count as high as 50, sequencing, shapes, patterns, and beginning addition.

Science: Units on Seasons, Solar System, Magnets, Dinosaurs, plants, bugs, etc.

Art: Scissor safety, glue handling and basic drawing. Holiday and seasonal crafts.

Play: Free imaginative play and all the classic games are taught; Tag, Duck, Duck, Goose, Red Light Green Light, etc.

Music: Really important in preschool as singing helps us to remember the days of the week, listening skills as they follow the songs in movement and dancing, plus just pure FUN!

Field Trips: For a change in routine and a little excitement! Well, and also helps broaden their background knowledge with varied experiences and helps with comprehension overall. One per month. Including; Sledding, kite flying, Natural History museum, Planetarium and Trax ride, Gardner Village Witch Hunt, Utah National Guard, Wheeler Farm, safety walk to the park and bike day, water day...etc.