Mon/Wed/Fri AM
Tuition: $135 per month(This class is full)

Mon/Wed/Fri PM
Tuition $90 (space available)

Please note:
The longer block of 3 hours gives kids plenty of time to build friendships and also build their kindergarten skills. Plus gives moms more time for errands or pedicures! 
I do a mixture of 3 and 4 yr olds in each class. I have found that the younger ones learn so much from the older ones. If you have a potty trained 3 yr old that is ready for school, call for available spots.

Our daily schedule is as follows:
I put this first to break the ice with friends but also to help parents leave without a fuss.
This is organized playtime. I sit right in the middle of it and model playtime manners and cooperative skills. The toys in the school are selected for group play, kitchen and cash register etc. New vocabulary is introduced as they learn how to shop at the store and spend play money and debit cards. ( Just one example)
Snack and a Book
To motivate a quick toy clean up, I put snack right after. While they eat, I have their attention to introduce the new letter, show them what we will do at table time, review and read a book about what we are learning that month, space, nutrition, manners, etc.
Table Time
We sit at the table and do our writing and drawing and gluing and cutting. We learn how to hold a pencil with the right finger position but also the rest of our body, feet on the floor, other hand holding the paper still. We learn to ask politely to pass the crayon or glue bucket.
Singing and Wiggle Time
This is a loud part of the day! We sing silly songs and get all our wiggles out after sitting still. These songs also teach us days of the week and our colors, etc.
Circle Time
We sit in a circle to do our review center.
The kids love to take turns with the pointer and choose one area to be the teacher for. 
We review colors, numbers, letters, etc that we have already learned.
Depending on time or what we are doing we may have a second short table time here.
Outside or group games
You need a group to play tag, hide and seek, duck, duck, goose, etc.
And we run and run outside if the weather lets us. If not we play indoor versions until moms come to pick us up.